Three Amazing Benefits of Moisturising Your Skin

Have you ever wondered why people have different skin appearances; some look more appealing while others are miserable? Everyone moisturizes their skin in one way or another as a routine but they miss out on the importance of doing so. Moisturising skin is simply adding moisture to it so that is doesn’t dry out again.

Why Moisturise?

  1. Prevents Dryness

Environmental factors such as hot and cold weather conditions can suck moisture from your skin. The same case applies to hot and cold showers. That is why you need a good moisturizer for your skin. This helps to replace that which may have been lost and prevents future loss.

  1. Slows Aging Signs

Nobody wants to look older than they are. A hydrated skin generally looks younger that dehydrated one. You can prevent your skin from getting those wrinkles by just moisturizing it with the right product. An article published by the British Journal of Dermatology revealed that regular moisturising potentially slows the aging signs.

  1. Soothes Your Skin

Sensitive and irritable skin requires extra care to look good. Look for a good moisturiser with soothing ingredients such as coconut, and organic shea butter. This makes your skin soft and prevents it from getting scaly.


Skin shows how your overall health is and so it is important to give it special attention. The best time to moisturize it is immediately after a bath since the moisturiser traps water left on the skin surface. Our SKNHR Liquid Balm is an excellent moisturiser. Our Bottle Balm and Balm are excellent moisturisers and sealers. If you have any skin condition such as eczema, consult a dermatologist before buying a moisturiser’.

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