Scents Heal Apparently


I am not qualified to make any clinical claims here, but I love lovely smells, and essential oils are one of my indulgences. I have often heard friends talk about the benefits of aromatherapy, but I have never delved deeper than a good sniff of the oils used.

Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils for healing and cosmetic purpose.  The argument is that plant essential oils are used to help heal, balance and harmonise the body.  Well, I’m encouraged by this and do feel amazing after a moment with my oils.

I have used oils for years and am literally rejuvenated by some smells like, Vanilla,  Almond, Lavender and Lime.   Those are my personal go tos when I feel like it.  I just pop a few drops into my diffuser and start my house work or whatever task is at hand.  Or a couple of drops in my bath water.  I have also started to use essential oils to freshen up the house; replacing the toxic house cleaning detergents I use to use. I have even daubed a little behind my ears and wrist as I wean myself off some of my more potent perfumes.

Essential oils are easily absorbed into the skin, so ensure you apply with care. Usually within a carrier base, and the oil starts to do its work from the outside in. Essential oils not only moisturise and make hair and skin smell divine, but they also have antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties – and these help to keep the scalp and hair in an optimally healthy condition.

I write all this to say, SKNHR products are all blessed with a good dollop of essential oils. Some healing goodness apparently!!

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