Petroleum Jelly not for the Body

Petroleum Jelly is not Your Friend

I grew up in a home where always in eyeshot was the jar of Vaseline, Dixi Peach, or the TCP. These were our most popular go tos. Vaseline is a popular brand name for Petroleum Jelly and the Dixi Peach, is a hair pomade made with Lanolin (also called wool wax or wool grease, a wax secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals), and Petroleum jelly. Both made with Petroleum jelly.

In our home Vaseline was used on bruises, burns, our lips, our skin, our hair and babies’ bums. It never occurred to us that this perceived innocuous substance could do us harm. Well you live and learn.

Petroleum Jelly is a derivative of oil refining; a by-product of the oil industry found coating the bottom of oil rigs. It’s a by-product of fossil fuels. That in itself is worrying. It is still commonly used topically to cure everything from dehydrated, flaky skin to diaper rash. However, what we now know is that Petroleum Jelly creates the illusion of moisturized, hydrated skin, all the while suffocating your pores. It is a water-repellent so merely seals the barrier so that moisture does not leave the skin but is adds no moisture. It adds nothing. It does not nourish your skin.

According to an article from, petroleum Jelly may be carcinogenic. They write

‘…. Earning a health hazard rank of 4 by the EWG, petroleum jelly is highly susceptible to contamination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Exposure to PAHs can occur through inhaling the incomplete burning of coal, oil, wood, and paraffin wax candles, but PAHs can also enter the body through contact with the skin. Once PAHs enter the body, they are stored in the kidneys, liver, and fat; bodily tissues change PAHs into many different substances – some of which are harmful to human health. Of the more than 100 kinds of PAHs, 15 are reasonably anticipated to be human carcinogens.’ (10/10/2017)

The bottom line there are healthy alternatives, like our Sknhr products a loving combination of Shea Butter, Coconut and Avocado oil.

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